Simulaids ECONO-VTA Adult Manikin

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CPR Visual Training Assistant
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Simulaids ECONO-VTA Adult Manikin
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Simulaids ECONO-VTA Adult Manikin 

  • CPR Economy Adult Sani-Manikin
  • ECONO-VTA Visual Training Assistant Device
  • 3 Disposable/Lung Airway Systems per Manikin 
  • Instructions for use
  • One Year Factory Warranty

This lifelike adult-size CPR manikin offers a realistic, affordable way to provide each student their own manikin. No cleaning…No disinfecting…No disassembly…Just pack and go!

Manikin features: realistic head tilt, single-use airway/lung/face shield system, simulated chest rise, palpable landmarks, and xiphoid process for reference in hand placement. The manikin is light in weight, yet durable for extended training life. Designed to allow the instructor an economical way to provide full materials for each individual in the class. The manikin is not made with natural rubber latex.

VTA Device: Visual Training Assistant monitors the student's actions during chest compressions and provides feedback on compression depth and rate. Feedback will enable the student to develop the "feel" of proper depth and rate, as well as provide a visual acknowledgment of successful application of the CPR process.

Carry bag is NOT included.

ECONO-VTA Adult Manikin
Size: 20" x 15" x 8" 

Alternate Part Number(s): 2160, 2161, 2160B, 2161B

Poor quality of monitoring sensor for compression accuracy
Reviewed by:  Sylvia Vanderels from St. Johns on 1/17/2021
Simulaids ECONO-VTA Adult Manikin
I have purchased 6 of these manikins over the past several months and have sent 4 back because the depth monitor was malfunctioning. Simulaids is very slow on returning product (a month plus). I may try the Prestan to see how they work. At this time I would not recommend these manikins.
Reviewed by:  Bob from Placentia, CA on 6/21/2018
Generally Pretty Good Manikins
I have purchased 6 of the VTA manikins and the feedback from students are good. I have had 2 issues with them so far. Both are doing the same thing. While doing compression, the light will come on at the appropriate depth and rate. After doing a couple cycles of CPR, both light begin to flash on and off and won’t reset until the power is turned off. The other 4 works as expected. One has been sent back to Simulaids and I’m waiting to hear back from them on what is going on. After having them for 2 months, I would recommend them since they are very affordable and get the point across on the depth and the rate.
Reviewed by:  Robert from Placentia, CA on 3/8/2018

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