Humerus Intraosseous (IO) Trainer by Simulaids

Humerus Intraosseous (IO) Trainer by Simulaids

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Humerus Intraosseous (IO) Trainer by Simulaids.

Simulaids Humerus IO Trainer is the perfect tool to use for training on the access procedure for fluid management. Humerus access has been recognized as the preferred alternative for those occasions when IV access cannot be obtained. This trainer allows for three different orientations which may be demonstrated to indicate the correct simulation for this procedure. 

This realistic trainer features the correct landmarks which are necessary to provide accurate and safe access for fluid administration. The trainer also has an easy-to-access replacement bone section which supports rapid-fire training, while presenting the realism needed to make the training effective. 16" x 16" x 12". Ship weight 32 lbs.

Alternate Part Number(s): 101-205

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