Simulaids Male or Female Catheterization Trainer

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Simulaids Male or Female Catheterization Trainer
Male Catheterization Trainer
  • Male Catheterization Trainer
  • Female Catheterization Trainer



Simulaids Male or Female Catheterization Trainer

Practice male or female urinary catheterization on these anatomically correct models from Simulaids. Training has been enhanced by a new material that has a realistic feel and flexibility. Both models use a 16 FR catheter and may be used to demonstrate balloon inflation procedures. Each model comes individually mounted on a training stand and can be used on a tabletop or for patient simulation. A fluid reservoir allows for urine output once the insertion procedure is successful. Instructors are able to teach the sterile technique of insertion and removal of the catheter, as well as practice in preparing the patient for the procedure.

Select either male or female catheterization trainer by using the drop-down window above. Size: 14" x 9" x 5". Ship weight 3 lbs.

Alternate Part Number(s): 1931, 1932, 160-1931, 160-1932

Finally, my wife can pee!
My wife has had peeing problems for almost a decade now. We don't have health insurance, because we both work as fishermen, so we had to find a cheaper solution to this predicament. After many years of searching, I came across this model! I've used this model many times before trying my skills out on the real deal. The training I had done on this model felt exactly the same as my wife's real urethra! Now she can pee strongly and without pain, and it cost us less than a new television. Thanks AED!
Reviewed by:  Olaf Schmits from Seward, Alaska on 4/7/2020

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