Shok Box Watertight Hard Carry Case for the Defibtech Lifeline VIEW/ECG/PRO

Part #: AMP9800DTV
Protect your valuable AED from water, dust, and abuse with this rugged hard case.

Labeling glows in the dark!

(The Defibtech Lifeline View AED, spare battery, and rescue kit shown in picture are not included with this item and must be purchased separately.)

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Shok Box Watertight Hard Carry Case for the Defibtech Lifeline VIEW/ECG/PRO
  • Front
  • Inside. Contents not included.
  • Inside. Pads not included.
  • Closed
  • Phosphorescence

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The Shok Box Watertight Hard Carry Case for Defibtech Lifeline VIEW/ECG/PRO AED was engineered to withstand harsh environments and tough conditions making it an ideal choice for outdoor activities, emergency response teams, marine settings, or any situation where your AED needs to be protected from water, dust, and impact. 

Along with the heavy-duty handle and latches, this carry case features a pressure relief valve that automatically equalizes pressure during air travel or changes in altitude. This helps ensure that the case remains airtight, preventing the ingress of water or dust while maintaining the integrity of your AED. The foam inserts on the inside of the case provide additional padded protection to keep your supplies safe during transport. 

Need your AED in the night? The phosphorescent label on the outside of the case glows in the dark giving this case the ultimate visibility in any circumstance. Whether you are in a remote location, on the go, or need added protection for your AED, the Shok Box Watertight Hard Carry Case is the best solution for your Defibtech Lifeline VIEW/ECG/PRO. Shop Defibtech Lifeline View/ECG.

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