SAM Medical® SAM® IO Driver

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SAM Medical® SAM® IO Driver
SAM Medical® SAM® IO Driver

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Multi-use manually operated intraosseous access driver for the SAM Medical® SAM® IO Intraosseous Access System made of a rugged polycarbonate and tested for over 10,000 actuations.

The SAM IO is a manually operated intraosseous access system. The catheter placement is attained by repeatedly activating the driver’s trigger assembly while gently guiding the needle assembly into the correct position. Repeated, full trigger actuation creates the proper rotational spin of the needle assembly which, combining with gentle downward pressure, results in the properly controlled IO placement. Once the needle assembly is correctly positioned, the stylet can be removed to expose the standard Luer-lock for the extension set connection. With the extension set connected, aspiration verification, flushing, and selected treatment(s) may commence. 

The SAM IO system has been designed to be intuitive for current IO users and features color coding and depth indicators that match industry standards. The system includes the driver only. IO needles sold separately (see below). Meets MIL-STD 810G.

Weight: 2.5 oz. 
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