Rx Destroyer Pro Series All-Purpose Drug Disposal Liquid

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Rx Destroyer Pro Series All-Purpose Drug Disposal Liquid
One Gallon



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Rx Destroyer™ PRO Series Bottles: RX1.0PRO, RX1.0PROLIQ, RX64PRO, RX64PROLIQ
In February 2016, Rx Destroyer™ created a product line with bottle features that enhance “drug disposal in a bottle” technology for healthcare drug disposal professions nationwide. The Rx Destroyer™ PRO Series bottle features are currently available on the 1-gallon Rx Destroyer™ bottle. The bottle features include:
1. Tethered Cap: The cap is permanently attached to the bottle.
2. View Gauge: A clear view strip on the side of the bottle assists drug disposal staff by showing when the contents rise in the bottle. The view gauge helps indicate when the bottle is full and is ready to be discarded which helps prevent overfilling the bottle.

Rx Destroyer™ is an easy yet cost-effective method for the safe disposal of prescriptive and controlled substances. Rx Destroyer allows the facility to discard the pharmaceuticals into designated waste bins or into common trash bins (depending on the facility disposal policy).

Rx Destroyer features two different formulas, depending on which type of medication is being wasted (solid or liquid). Rx Destroyer offers economical, easy-to-use methods for the on-site wasting of various medication types. See below for a brief description of each Rx Destroyer product line.

All-Purpose Formula:
Bottle ships half-full of patented dissolving fluid and activated carbon.
Bottle accepts all forms of non-hazardous medications.
Examples include: pills, tablets, capsules, fentanyl patches, syringe dose, liquids, suppositories, lozenges, powders, and IV bag contents.

Liquid Medication Formula:
Bottle ships with 1/4 patented dissolving fluid and activated carbon.
Bottle accepts ONLY non-hazardous liquids.
Examples include: IV bag, syringe doses, and all forms of liquid medication.
Ships with FOUR packets of hardener – converts liquid contents to a solid gel. Prevents messy liquid spills. Meets certain state regulations that require the passing of a paint filter test for landfill disposal.

Alternate Part Number(s): RX1.0PRO, RX64PRO, RX16, RX1.0PROLIQ, RX64PROLIQ

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