GEN2 Prisoner Security/Handcuff Training Manikin by Ruth Lee

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GEN2 Prisoner Security/Handcuff Training Manikin by Ruth Lee
GEN2 Prisoner Security/Handcuff Training Manikin by Ruth Lee



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The newest addition to the Ruth Lee line of training manikins is the 110/154/198 lb adult Prisoner Security/Handcuff training manikin. This manikin is perfectly suited for law enforcement, prisons, or correctional facilities to train the proper techniques for the evacuation of restrained or unconscious prisoners in an emergency situation. Used by CERT (Correctional Emergency Response Teams) worldwide for prison cell extraction or riot control training. The Prisoner Security/Handcuff manikin combines the features of the Handcuff and the Hanging manikins into the one model. This manikin will allow for any standard handcuffs for practicing restraint techniques and also features a reinforced neck to allow for the simulation of suicide through hanging to practice body recovery and evidence preservation techniques.

Constructed with the same flame retardant polyester (conforms to BS EN ISO 15025:2002, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and ISO 17050-1) used in police ballistic/stab vests, these manikins are tough enough to be driven over with a vehicle or being dropped from a 2nd-floor window with no damage. The material has 4 times the strength and abrasion resistance of canvas or P.V.C. It is also water-resistant and suitable for first-line responder CBRN exercises as they are easily cleaned and dried. This manikin is anatomically correct and feels like an unconscious person making it perfect for cell snatch rescues. The realistic size and weight allow for realistic and challenging exercises. It will accept any standard handcuffs and the replaceable polyester cuffs prevent damage to the main manikin body. The reinforced neck is strong enough to simulate suicide through hanging without damage.

The Prisoner Security/Handcuff Training Manikin (GEN2) is 5' 11" and is available in three different weights: 110 lbs, 154 lbs, and 198 lbs. Choose the preferred weight by using the dropdown window above.

Please note: For large orders (5 or more manikins), please call for lead time.

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