GEN2 Water Rescue Training Manikin by Ruth Lee

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Man Overboard (orange coveralls) or Search & Rescue (black coveralls)
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GEN2 Water Rescue Training Manikin by Ruth Lee



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The GEN2 Water Rescue Training manikins are used extensively by NATO forces, US & British Navies. Originally developed in conjunction with the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (R.N.L.I), Greater Manchester Fire Service Water Incident Support Section and the British Navy; these manikins perfectly simulate unconscious casualties in water.
These manikins can be supplied in two forms, 'Man Overboard' or 'Search & Rescue'. Both water rescue manikins are designed for use in open water and rough seas. The Man Overboard model is supplied with bright orange coveralls and SOLAS reflective tape on the head and is designed to be as conspicuous as possible. To make the manikin float horizontally, you simply remove the 6 foam pieces from the front chest of the coverall and add three pieces to the pocket on each leg. It will take seconds to swap between a horizontally floating manikin and the standard position.
The Search & Rescue model is supplied with black coveralls, and a black mesh hood to cover the head. This model is designed to be as inconspicuous as possible to enable the rescue teams to practice their search, as well as their recovery techniques. The Search & Rescue model is made to the same specification as the Man Overboard model and has exactly the same level of buoyancy.

Select the desired model (youth, adult, weight) using the dropdown window above.
Built to the same tough construction standard as the General Use Manikin, the  GEN2 Man Overboard Water Rescue Manikin is constructed to simulate an unconscious victim in the water, floating at an angle of 45 degrees with just the head and shoulders above the water.

What enhances  the performance of this manikin is the balance between the weight and the buoyancy. The tough nylon mesh carcass allows the water to penetrate rapidly. After a few minutes, the legs will drop below the surface and will rest at an angle of about 45 degrees with just the head and shoulders visible above the surface. It only takes seconds to swap between a horizontally floating manikin and the standard position.

Strong plastic strips in the manikin run from the shoulders to the knee which helps maintain an overall flexibility but doesn't allow the manikin to bend in half, which is important when training with stretchers. The outer carcass is constructed of heavy duty open mesh reinforced with webbing. Non-absorbent closed cell foam - water absorption : 1 Day < 0.1 (DIN 53428 1986) 28 Days < 0.5% VOL.
Both Man-Overboard and Search & Rescue models are available in Youth 44lb and Adult 88lb sizes. Select your manikin preference from the drop-down window above.

All water rescue training manikins are supplied complete with sturdy boots which greatly protect the legs if the manikin is dragged along the ground. They are user-replaceable, if damaged.
The protective coveralls keep the manikin clean, and greatly increases its lifespan. They are produced using a high tenacity polyurethane coated P1000 polyester, colored either in orange for the Man Overboard model or black for the Search & Rescue model.
The coveralls are reinforced with high-density polypropylene webbing in identified high-stress areas. The ends of the arms have open nylon mesh to allow water drainage. The coveralls are machine washable, and replacements are available as spare parts.
The secret to the realistic Water Rescue manikin performance is the designed balance of the weighting vs. the buoyancy, and the tough nylon mesh carcass. When the manikin enters the water, the nylon mesh allows the water to rapidly penetrate the manikin. After a few minutes the legs of the manikin will drop below the surface, resting at an angle of about 45 degrees to the surface. The head and shoulder will be above the surface.
When retrieving the manikin the water will flood out. The rate at which the water drains out is directly related to the speed of the retrieval - the faster the retrieval the more water in the manikin and therefore the heavier it will be. As a guide, a fast 'snatch' retrieval may almost double the dry weight of the manikin. A more realistic retrieval rate will result in a haul of lesser weight.
With the lifting loop sewn into the back, the manikin can be lifted and hung up to dry. 
Shipping dimensions 42" x 32" x 12".
Please note: For large orders (5 or more manikins), please call for lead time.

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