GEN2 FireHouse Rescue Training Manikin by Ruth Lee

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GEN2 FireHouse Rescue Training Manikin by Ruth Lee



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The Ruth Lee FireHouse-GEN2 Manikins provide a good balance between temperature and abrasion resistance. FireHouse manikins are perfect for fire and general training. The manikin's body is constructed of the same flame retardant polyester (conforms to BS EN ISO 15025:2002) used in police ballistic/stab vests and reinforced with 38mm Nomex webbing as opposed to the polypropylene webbing found on the general purpose manikins. Standard polypropylene webbing will become brittle and melt at the high temperatures this manikin is designed to withstand. 

The coveralls are constructed using a Nomex blend material which offers good protection against high temperatures. It is permanently non-flammable and most commonly used in protective clothing to protect against heat and flames. The protective coveralls are also reinforced using Nomex webbing to improve the abrasion resistance and strength. The coveralls are also fitted using 20mm Kevlar ties, as standard hook & loop fasteners melt at these high temperatures. The ends of the arms, which have been identified through testing as a high stress area, are reinforced with 5mm leather to provide extra protection. 

The Fire House Manikins are designed to withstand temperatures of 280-320 degrees F (140-160 degrees C), the average temperature at floor height for hot fire cell training and only starts to ‘fail’ at temperatures in excess of 350°F (180°C). We recommend donning an old set of turnout gear for use in which students will drag the manikin. This will add an extra-layer of wear protection for your investment.

GEN2 FireHouse Rescue Training Manikins are available in various weights and sizes from infant to adult, 11 lbs to 154 lbs. Select which size/weight manikin you need from the drop-down window above.

A note about Ruth Lee Training Manikin Coveralls:

All Ruth Lee Rescue Training Manikins include coveralls. Additionally, all manikins 44 lbs and larger also include lug sole boots which are secured to the manikin. None can be found on Bullex products, and Simulaids only adds thin gym shorts. While the strength reinforced coveralls protect the manikin from dirt and such, they are not classified as “Wear Proof”. They are designed specifically to provide a replaceable, washable layer that helps protect the manikin. The coveralls have been designed to wear and must be replaced periodically so that the manikin carcass is protected. Use of the manikins should replicate that of dragging a similarly dressed victim. The wear resistance of the coveralls should be considered as on par with clothing normally worn by victims. The included coveralls protect the manikin when used during rescue training, but they are not designed to endure the rigors of firefighter drags or physical agility training. The coveralls and boots should be viewed as disposable items and should be replaced when showing obvious signs of wear or damage in order to protect the main body of the manikin. Additional clothing is suggested for use in these activities. Even the Combat Challenge manikins are dressed in turnout gear for these competitions. Treat the coveralls as clothing. They are NOT wear-proof. Protect your investment.

Please note: For large orders (5 or more manikins), please call for lead time.

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