PRESTAN Series 2000 Add-On Kit for the Professional Adult Manikin

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PRESTAN Series 2000 Add-On Kit for the Professional Adult Manikin
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Upgrade your existing PRESTAN Professional Adult Manikins with this Add-On Kit. The PRESTAN Professional Adult Series 2000 Manikin Add-On Kit gives CPR Training Instructors an option to upgrade their current PRESTAN Professional Adult and Jaw Thrust Manikins (models purchased in 2018 or later) with the new Advanced Feedback features. Single kit includes 10 lung bags, 4-pack includes 50 lung bags.

Available as a single or a four-pack. Make your desired selection by using the dropdown window above. One-Year limited manufacturer's warranty.

Please note: The regular (older without sensor) lung bags can be used in the manikin after the upgrade kit has been installed. However, the compression breath score weight, under the settings tab in the app, will need to be adjusted to reflect 100:0 compression:ventilation. This changes the scoring mechanism in the app to remove any data/score related to ventilations. The only way to record ventilation feedback is by using the lung bags with the sensor. If the user ever wants to collect ventilation data, they will have to return the compression breath score weight back to 70:30 (default setting).

Alternate Part Number(s): RPP-AAOK2000-1, RPPAAOK2000-4

PRESTAN Series 2000 Adult Manikin Add-On Kit Installation Guide

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