Respironics SealEasy Adult Mask Resuscitation Kit

Part #: 344000 Our Price: Discontinued

Respironics SealEasy Adult Mask Resuscitation Kit

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    This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please call us at 800-544-0048 so we can discuss your available options.

    The SealEasy rescue masks by Respironics feature an inflatable air-filled cushion that forms a secure seal that can accommodate a variety of facial shapes and sizes. It is ideal for bearded and dentureless patients, as well.
    Also known as "the Blob," owing to its unique appearance, the SealEasy mask is essential in any water rescue situation. It is much in demand with lifeguards and with rescue personnel stationed anywhere a potential water rescue exists.
    The VentEasy II Non-Rebreathing Valve protects the rescuer by redirecting the patient's outflow away from the rescuer. The Universal Airway/Bite-Block helps to maintain airway positioning and airway access. The O2 Enrichment Attachment allows for administration on additional oxygen to the patient.
    SealEasy masks are latex-free and will function in a wide range of temperatures. Applications include mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, bag valve, and demand valve.
    Includes 1 SealEasy Adult Mask, 1 VentEasy Valve, 1 O2 Enrichment Fitting, 1 Universal Airway/Bite-Block. 

    Alternate Part Number(s): 344000, 344000 CASE

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