Get answers to frequently asked questions about the ZOLL AED Plus defibrillator.


What is a PASS Cover and how does it work?

PASS stands for Passive Airway Support System. Place the cover of the AED Plus under the victim, between the shoulder blades to better position the head for rescue breathing.

Should I spring for the ECG display?

The ECG display is an optional feature of the ZOLL AED Plus® and is designed for use by medical professionals. Unless a rescuer is trained in reading an ECG, the feature would not be in any way useful.

What is the Warranty for the ZOLL AED Plus?

The ZOLL AED Plus has an available 7-year warranty (5-year Standard Warranty plus 2-years with Registration)

How do I open the ZOLL AED Plus?

To open the ZOLL AED Plus, grasp the lip of the lid above the handle, and pull back. The lid will come off of the AED completely. Please note that if the CPR-D-padz® are installed correctly the expiration date sticker will be visibly protruding from the slot in the cover.

Why is my ZOLL AED Plus beeping?

If your ZOLL AED Plus is beeping while turned off, there could be any number of issues and the device should be taken out of service until corrected. Check the AED and use your operators manual to determine the cause of the error.

Where is my ZOLL AED Plus model number?

The model number for a ZOLL AED Plus is found on the back of the device by the serial number.


When do I replace ZOLL AED Plus Batteries?

ZOLL AED Plus Batteries should be replaced every 5 years if not used, or after a rescue in which the AED was deployed.

What kind of batteries does the AED Plus use?

The ZOLL AED Plus uses ten lithium 123A batteries.

How do I change the batteries in the AED Plus?

Remove the cover of the battery compartment using a flathead screwdriver to free the tabs at the base of the AED. Remove all ten batteries, then completely seat ten fresh lithium 123A batteries, being careful to note polarity. Once all the batteries are replaced, press the “battery reset” button inside the battery compartment and replace the cover. See this video for a demonstration.

How long do the batteries last?

In standby mode, the lithium 123A batteries last up to 5 years. After a rescue, batteries should be replaced.

How do I open the battery compartment?

Use a flathead screwdriver to push in the tabs at the bottom of the AED and then lift the cover using two hands. See this video for a demonstration.

Are these batteries only available from distributors? Or can I purchase them in a store?

Lithium 123A batteries are available from retail outlets and are commonly referred to as “camera batteries”. ZOLL recommends only using Duracell or Power One batteries. These are available from distributors, and can be purchased from AED Superstore here.

Electrode Pads:

What is the difference between CPR-D-padz® and Stat-padz® II?

CPR-D-padz have a unique one-piece design that aids in easy placement on the chest and enables Real CPR Help® feedback on depth and rate during CPR chest compressions. CPR-D-padz have an extended 5-year shelf life.
Stat-padz II offer a more conventional two-piece electrode pad system. Stat-padz II do not enable the CPR feedback available in your ZOLL AED Plus. They have 24 month shelf life.

What if I have to use the CPR-D-padz on a victim who is larger?

While the CPR-D-padz come in a one-piece design, as a single unit, each of the electrode pads are detachable from the center piece. This allows the rescuer to place them in the correct position for defibrillation, without sacrificing the CPR feedback capabilities.

Can I use the CPR-D-padz on a pediatric patient?

CPR-D-padz are not designed for use on pediatric patients. For children under 55 lbs, ZOLL Pedi-padz® II should be used with the ZOLL AED Plus.

What kind of feedback do the CPR-D-padz provide?

CPR-D-padz enable the real-time CPR feedback technology available in your AED Plus. The AED Plus has a bar gauge on the screen that shows the depth of compressions and the unit gives audible prompts such as “press harder” and “good compressions”, it also has a built in metronome that helps guide rescuers to the proper rate.

Do the Stat-padz II provide CPR feedback?

No, the Stat-padz II do not provide CPR feedback.

How long do ZOLL AED Plus electrode pads last?

The CPR-D-padz have a 5 year shelf life, the Stat-padz II have a 24 month shelf life, and the Pedi-padz II have a 24 month shelf life.

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August 03, 2021 at 9:30 am, ANA HERNANDEZ said:

How long is the dr. prescription good for?


August 06, 2021 at 7:16 am, AED Superstore said:

It is a one-time prescription and it is good for the life of the AED.


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