Unpacking Your AED Program

What to Do When Your New AED Arrives - Implementing Your AED Program

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Congratulations on taking the important, potentially life-saving, step of adding an AED to your business or home! We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to partner with you in implementing your AED Program.  

When your AED arrives, here are seven simple steps to get started:

  1. Read the owner’s manual – it is full of important information. The owner’s manual will walk you through setting up your AED so it is ready to rescue.
  2. Follow the directions in the owner’s manual to install the battery and pads.  
  3. Watch the instructional DVD (if it came with one). Invite anyone who may need to use the AED to watch it with you. Keep the DVD handy for use when new staff needs to be trained.
  4. Place the AED in its case.
  5. AED location requirements and recommendations:
  • Placement of your AED should be in an area which is secure but visible and easily accessible (reception area, first aid center, cafeteria, fitness room, security desk, etc.).
  • Choose a location with a nearby telephone so 911 can be called if a cell phone or cell service is not available.
  • Ideally, the first shock should be delivered within 3-5 minutes of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest event. This should be taken into consideration when deciding on the best location.
  1. If you ordered a cabinet with your AED, make sure it is installed correctly according to the AED Cabinet Installation and Operation Guide you will receive with the cabinet.
  2. Place the AED in its highly visible but secure and easily accessible location, and make sure everyone who may need to use it knows where it is!

Looking for a little more information on implementing your AED program? Try the AED Superstore Resource Center!

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