AED Grants for Fire/EMS

Welcome to our resource for AED Grants designed specifically for Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS). In the first responder workplace, the importance of having access to automated external defibrillators (AEDs) cannot be overstated. AEDSuperstore understands that sometimes budget constraints can stand in the way of obtaining these life-saving devices, but we want to help bridge that gap.

We’ve assembled a curated list of grants tailored to support Fire and EMS departments in acquiring AEDs and related resources. Explore the grant opportunities below and find the one that best suits your department’s needs. Your mission to save lives is our priority; these grants are here to help you make it happen!


Fire Company and EMS

Eligibility: The Officer of the State Fire Commissioner offers an annual Fire Company and EMS grant for volunteer and career fire companies, emergency medical services, and rescue squads in PA. Eligible funding includes the following categories: construction and/or renovation of fire company vehicles or facilities, equipment purchases or repairs, debt reduction associated with facility or equipment, training certifications, and education for staff. See all funding opportunities.

Grant Amount: No grant limit mentioned. Applicants must create an account to see grant amounts.

Deadline: Recently closed. Check back in February 2024.

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Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Eligibility: FEMA offers grant applications to firefighters, first responders, fire departments, and volunteer firefighter organizations, to provide essential resources to safeguard the public and emergency personnel from fire-related dangers.

Grant Amount: Grant amount varies. See grants available.

Deadline: Recently closed. Next deadline in April 2024.

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Fire Fighters Charitable Foundation

Eligibility: The Fire Fighters Charitable Foundation offers grants to help assist fire/disaster victims, promote fire prevention education, support volunteer fire department equipment purchases, and fund community safety programs, with a specific national grant available for organizations looking to establish AED programs in their communities.

Grant Amount: Grant applicant fills in grant amount requested.

Deadline: Grant applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Please fill out this form.

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Fire House Subs Public Safety Foundation

Eligibility: Fire House Subs Foundation provides lifesaving equipment and needed resources to first responders and public safety organizations to help them be better prepared to save the lives of those in the communities they serve. The Fire House Subs Grants are available for fire, emergency medical services, law enforcement, public safety organizations, non-profits, and schools. Funding areas these grants cover include lifesaving equipment, prevention education, scholarship and continued education on public safety, disaster relief, and support for members of the military.

Grant Amount: Typically range between $15,000-$35,000. Requests exceeding $50,000 will be denied.

Deadline: January 11, 2024. See all future deadlines.

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Florida Health Emergency Medical Service Grants

Eligibility: Florida Health offers annual county grants, matching grants, and rural grants to emergency medical services in Florida. These grants are to be used to improve and expand prehospital emergency medical services in the state. Each grant offers different options for local agencies, municipalities, emergency medical service organizations, and youth athletic organizations. Grant money can be utilized for the following (not limited to) research, increasing EMS levels, evaluation of EMS, community education, injury-prevention programs, and CPR/other lifesaving first-aid training.

Grant Amount: Grant ranges vary.

Deadline: January 31, 2024.

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Gary Sinise Foundation

Eligibility: The Gary Sinise Foundation offers grants to law enforcement departments, fire departments, and paramedic or EMS departments. Although all these departments are welcome to apply, this foundation prioritizes volunteer, low, and underfunded departments. Grant requests are limited to equipment and training. See all grant guidelines here.

Grant Amount: No grant limit mentioned. Applicants fill in the grant amount needed.

Deadline: Grant applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.

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Medic One Foundation

Eligibility: The Medic One Foundation provides essential tools fire departments need to respond to life-threatening medical emergencies. This includes equipment grants for communication, disaster response, defibrillators, and various life-saving devices. To qualify for funding, agencies serving as primary nonprofit providers of EMS services in King County, WA, or neighboring areas, such as local fire departments, community hospitals, or nonprofit public institutions, must be recognized as public entities or private nonprofit corporations by the State of Washington. No agency can receive funding for two consecutive years.

Grant Amount: $250-$5000

Deadline: February 28, 2024. Please fill out this form.

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State Farm Community Grant Program

Eligibility: The State Farm Community Grant program commits to building safer, stronger, and better-educated communities by allowing the following communities to apply for a grant: educational institutions, county, state, or federal government institutions that align with State Farm charitable focus, 501 (c)(3) charitable nonprofit organizations, and 501 (c)(3) volunteer fire companies. This grant does not apply to individuals seeking personal help, religious programs, political programs, or organizations outside of the United States.

Grant Amount: N/A

Deadline: Annual deadline- invitation only. If you did not receive an invitation, you can apply here.

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Do you know of a grant specifically for AEDs for fire and rescue departments and/or emergency medical services, or a grant that would apply for fire/EMS even if it’s not specifically for an AED purchase? If so, let us know, and we’ll give you $125 towards a new AED or AED value package! We would love to add it to our list.

To find more grants with approaching deadlines for first responders, please visit Fire Grants Help or EMS Grants Help.

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