What is an AED grant?

An AED grant is usually a cash grant given so that the grant winner can purchase an AED and sometimes related accessories, like extra electrode pads, batteries, a case or cabinet or other items.

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How do I get an AED donated?

Start by determining what exactly you need. Is it just an AED? Do you need various supplies, like electrode pads or a sign or wall cabinet? Will you or a team need training? Once you have a list of what your specific needs are, you can begin researching and pursuing grants that match your needs and situation.Don’t forget there are lots of other ways to get an AED even if you don’t have budget to buy one. Get your community involved with classic fundraisers like car washes, bake sales, walks and runs or pledge drives. Host a pie-throwing contest or have a dunk tank where people can pay to dunk someone. At schools, dunking the principal is a perennial favorite. Get local businesses involved and ask for them to donate a percentage of profits for a night or two.

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How do I write a grant for an AED?

The key is to follow the instructions and submit everything that the specific grant requires. The level of detail you need to provide will probably vary depending on the organization you’re requesting the grant from, and it’s important to take that into account. Don’t skip anything that’s asked for, and be as specific and factual as you can. For more help writing grant requests, you can check out our resource page where we link to a variety of resources to help you with planning, writing, structure and more.

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Where can I apply for an AED grant?

Great question! You can apply for AED Superstore’s grant, which is awarded twice a year for $2,000 each time. You can also apply for other AED grants we’ve found through our research, or you can do your own research and find other organizations that are offering grants for which you may qualify.

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How hard is it to get an AED grant?

As with most grant or donation programs, competition is usually moderately stiff. There are a lot of people with worthy causes or needs. Making sure your grant is written well and meets each specific requirement for a given grant program is important for giving you the best chance of winning a grant. You can also simplify your process by writing up your grant request in a way that makes it easy to slightly alter it and create different versions for each grant you’d like to apply for, instead of writing new requests for every grant you’re applying for.

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Do we need to apply for separate grants to get more than one unit?

That’s going to depend on the specific grant and how it’s structured. For our AED Superstore grant, we provide a flat, $2,000 amount that is first applied to an AED unit, and leftover funds can be applied to accessories on our site. Other organizations’ grants might be structured to provide just an AED, cash, a “starter kit” of an AED plus some accessories or in other ways. Read through what the award will cover before applying to make sure it matches with your need and prevent spending time on grants that won’t ultimately provide what you’re looking for.

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Should I use a grant writing professional?

If you’re considering using a professional grant writer, here are some questions you should think about to help you decide:

  • Do you have time to do the research and fill out applications?
  • Are you a good writer? You don’t have to be brilliant with words, but you do need to be able to communicate clearly and edit your work to ensure it’s error-free.
  • Look through some applications of grants you’d like to receive. Do you feel confident filling these out or are there questions you wouldn’t know how to answer?

Generally speaking, the larger the grant you’re applying for, the more stringent the application will be. If you’re trying to obtain a large grant from a big company or funding organization and you believe you’re a good match for the grant, investing in a professional to help you present your need may be a wise choice.

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