Our AED Grant Program

AED Superstore awards two grants per year in the amount of $2,000 each. These grants can be applied to the purchase of any AED of the recipient’s choice, and any leftover funds may be used to purchase AED accessories or supplies like extra electrode pads or batteries.

To be eligible for the next grant, simply complete and submit the form by June 1, 2024. All submissions after that date will be considered for the next grant period. Read all grant guidelines in our AED grant RFP.

We know two grants per year is a limited number, and there are many more applicants than there are grants to distribute. To that end, we’ve also rounded up a long list of other grant resources you can look into. These are categorized by the group to whom the grant is available. We do our best to keep this list up to date and frequently add new grants as we discover them.

We’ve also answered some common questions that go along with trying to get a grant. Check out our AED Grant FAQ. If you’re looking for help on which AED is best for you, take a look at our AED Buyer’s Guide or feel free to call us to discuss your needs.

Your Story

We already know you have a need for an AED. You might be a business owner in a town where an everyday hero recently made the news for using an AED to save someone’s life, and it got you thinking about how you’d like your business to be prepared to help if tragedy tried to strike.

You might represent a church or a community center. Lots of people gather regularly in your building, and you know an AED would be wise to have, but it’s a big investment on a limited budget.

Or maybe you’re a person with a heart condition (or a person who cares for someone with a heart condition) who has an individual need for an AED. Our program is unique because we allow individuals to apply for our grants.

We’ve helped folks like you before. One of our past grant recipients is the Fort Jones Volunteer Fire Department, who was responsible for responding to about 500 emergency incidents per year, about 75% of which are EMS incidents. Their 849-square-mile service area includes part of the Pacific Crest Trail in northern California. They raise funds through bake sales and community events. Their current AED was so old they couldn’t find parts for it anymore. The AED they selected with their grant money was the ZOLL® AED Plus®.

Our Story

AED Superstore was founded by a professional EMT and a paramedic with the mission of increasing the chance of survival from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) through the deployment of AEDs. These two knew firsthand how important fast, easy access to an AED in is in the midst of an emergency.

In the pre-internet age, purchases like AEDs were made through a manufacturer’s sales rep or a big distributor. They wanted to make it easy for smaller organizations without enterprise needs, like churches, nonprofits or businesses, to acquire one or several defibrillators. And so AED Superstore was born.

Since those early days, we’ve migrated online and served organizations of all sizes. We remain conscious of our roots, though, and we know the cost of these life-saving devices can be a significant barrier to overcome. As a way to help, we developed an AED grant program to help those who need an AED but can’t afford one.

More Resources

The grants in this list are generally more loosely defined, rather than targeting a specific audience or AEDs in particular (like AED grants for schools). While the criteria for each grant varies, they often support general health and wellbeing initiatives and exclude religious organizations and individuals. This makes them a good fit for communities and groups that are trying to find grant funding to get an AED or start an AED program.

A nonprofit’s budget is usually focused on executing its mission in the world, and frequently, that means there isn’t money left over for valuable but expensive items, like an AED. Fortunately, there are many AED grants available to nonprofits to help bridge the budget gap. We hope you can use our list of grants for AEDs for nonprofits to find a few options that would fit your organization’s needs.

Firefighters and emergency medical service workers know firsthand the power an AED has to save lives. The sad reality is that often, budgets shortfalls mean there isn’t enough funding for everything, and alternative funding sources like grants need to be used to help an EMS or fire department get an AED. Use our list of AED grants for fire departments and EMS to help find grant money for defibrillators and related supplies.

Our list of AED grants for schools lists grants that both public and private schools may apply for. Given that SCA can strike anyone at any age, having an AED on campus makes sense: the proof is in the countless young athletes whose lives have been saved because an AED was available when tragedy struck. School budgets can be tight, though, and funding for an AED might be hard to secure. Use our list of school AED grants to help you find funding to get one of these life-saving devices in your school.