AED Resources

There are several AED manufacturers and more than a dozen FDA-cleared AEDs on the market. Here you’ll find the details regarding each AED machine, what features they have and what makes them unique. The focus is on the product.

Most people have a very broad understanding of defibrillation devices in general. Television medical dramas and movies give the impression defibrillators “shock a patient back to life.” This is not exactly correct, but it is not completely incorrect either.

This is what it means: place AEDs so that anyone in cardiac arrest anywhere on the premises can receive a shock within 3 to 5 minutes of the onset of the condition.

Every AED has a water and dust ingress rating which classifies the level of protection that electrical appliances (like AEDs) provide against the intrusion of solid objects or dust, accidental contact, and water.

Allow us to clear up some of the misconceptions about having a rechargeable battery instead of a long-life lithium non-rechargeable battery.