What is the date on my AED Battery?

The date shown on an AED battery can be: 

  • A manufactured date
  • An install-by date
  • or an expiration date.

Batteries that contain an expiration date should be used and properly disposed of on or before the expiration date listed.

Batteries that contain a manufactured or install-by date should provide power to your AED for a specific number of years (which varies by brand) from the date the battery was installed in your device.

Helpful hint: For batteries that use a manufactured date or install by date, use a permanent marker to write the date when you installed the battery into the AED. Doing this will allow you to later cross-reference the estimated expiration date and not be forced to remember when you installed the battery years after the fact. Contact us to learn more about how we can use software to help track all of the important expiration dates for your AED program or if you’d like to get answers to your unique situation.

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