Where do I place AED electrode Pads?

  1. Place AED electrode pads on an Adult by placing one electrode pad on the upper right chest and the other electrode pad on the left side of the chest just below the armpit on the rib cage. Adult AED electrode pads ALWAYS have a diagram showing where to place them on the body. 
  2. To place AED electrode pads on a child using pediatric electrode pads, ALWAYS follow the provided diagram on the electrode pads. This will always be provided on these electrode pads. In the case of a pediatric attenuating accessory (pediatric key), you would use adult electrode pads in the configuration shown on the item.
  3. To place AED electrode pads on an infant, place the electrode pads on the middle of the chest and in the middle of the back according to the diagram on the electrode pad packaging. See the notes above on child placement as well.

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