AED Grant Writing Support Services

Filling out a grant application can be a daunting process. In addition to a long list of AED grant opportunities you can review, we’ve also compiled a list of other resources you might find helpful as you begin your search for funding your AED acquisition.

This is the shortest of our grant-writing resources and provides some of the most basic, essential items to consider when you’re just starting to think about trying to get a grant:

This page has some great general ideas for getting funding, and a basic outline of how to write a grant proposal:

The Purdue Owl grant-writing resource is extremely thorough and contains lots of examples for writing clearly and communicating your needs and how the specific grant would meet them:

This resource applies most specifically to scientific grants, but contains a lot of advice that applies beyond research/science grants. The example timelines might not match up with your grant acquisition process, but much of the advice is still applicable:

This is a very good and somewhat academic document that outlines how you should structure your request/application. It has many helpful pointers and things to consider to ensure your grant request is taken seriously and not discarded:

A free course on how to write a proposal:

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