Adult/Child Training Pads for the PRESTAN Professional AED Trainer

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Adult/Child Training Pads for the PRESTAN Professional AED Trainer
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Adult/Child Training Pads for the PRESTAN Professional AED Trainer.
PRESTAN Adult/Child Training Electrode Pads are now a single set which can be used to train in Adult and Pediatric rescues. This mimics the new generation of AEDs which use a "child" button for pediatric rescues and the AEDs which use a child or pediatric "key" to reduce the output energy for pediatric rescues.

PRESTAN AED Trainer pads feature an embedded switch that allows the trainer to determine the pads are attached to the manikin. The silicone-based adhesive and foam structure provide easy application and removal, helping prolong the life of the manikin skin.

Available in a single set or 4-pack quantities by using the dropdown window above.

Alternate Part Number(s): PP-APAD-1, PP-APAD-4, PP-APAD2-1, PP-APAD2-4

Fast and affordable
These replacement pads are for a great little trainer unit that gets a workout at my CPR/AED training classes. I use one trainer and the class takes turns using it so the pads have to last. These do a good job, holding up to repeated use. I estimate I have used the same pads at least 40 times before they begin to lose their effectiveness. I use Prestan manikins, and they adhere well to the material. Buy a few extra pairs and you'll never have a disappointing simulation, with an AED trainer you cannot use.
Reviewed by:  James from Rochester, NY on 3/26/2014

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