PRESTAN Head Assembly for the Professional Infant Manikin

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PRESTAN Head Assembly for the Professional Infant Manikin
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The PRESTAN Head Assembly is a great replacement head assembly for the PRESTAN Professional Infant Manikin. This product includes 1 complete head assembly ready for an infant torso assembly. 

This head assembly is a crucial component of the professional infant manikin, allowing learners to practice proper technique and responsiveness when administering CPR to infants. After so many uses, your manikins parts may be damaged or worn, so having a backup head assembly is always a good idea. This PRESTAN Head Assembly replicates the features of an infant's head giving the most realistic and lifelike training experience for students. This training piece is easy to install, simply attach the new head assembly to your Professional Infant Manikin to maintain the quality and functionality of your PRESTAN Professional Infant Manikin. 

Not made with natural rubber latex. This replacement head is for the newer, redesigned infant manikins.

Alternate Part Number(s): RPP-IHEAD-1-DS, RPP-IHEAD-1-MS, RPP-IHEAD-1

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