PRESTAN® Ultralite® Manikin w/CPR Feedback - Single Manikin

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PRESTAN® Ultralite® Manikin w/CPR Feedback - Single Manikin
Single Manikin Medium Skin

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PRESTAN® Ultralite® Manikins Training Manikin w/CPR Feedback. The new Ultralite with CPR Feedback incorporates an upgraded compression piston that monitors CPR rate and depth making the New Ultralite Manikins a portable solution that now complies with the AHA and ARC CPR Feedback Requirements. The monitor light shows red when compression rate or depth is out of range and will turn green for good compressions. The Prestan Ultralite Manikins weigh less than 4 pounds each and feature the same quality and durability you have come to expect from Prestan. Select skin tone by using the dropdown window above. Not made with natural rubber latex. Each CPR Monitor requires two "AA" batteries (not included).
•  1 Manikin Torso
•  1 Manikin Head
•  1 Upgraded Compression Piston
•  10 Face Shield/Lung Bags
•  Nylon Carry Bag
•  Instruction Sheet
•  3-Year Warranty

Please note: PRESTAN Ultralite Manikins do not offer a pinchable nose and the noses do not have holes. For manikins offering the nose-pinch procedure see the PRESTAN Professional Manikins.

Alternate Part Number(s): PP-ULM-100M-MS, PP-ULM-100M-DS

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