RespondER® US Government PREMIUM CPR/AED Pack with CPR Mask in Heavy-Duty Nylon Pouch

Part #: AMP1011-Govt
Meets DHHS/FOH US Government Agency Requirements
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The AED Superstore® RespondER® US Government Premium Responder Pack has been designed to meet the requirements mandated by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Federal Occupational Health (FOH) "Equipment to be Placed with AEDs" directive.
Our RespondER® US Government Premium CPR/AED Pack contains:
•Quality RespondER® CPR Mask…a tough pocket-style mask with a one-way valve when flimsy face shields just won't do. Includes oxygen inlet valve.
•Three Pairs of Protective Gloves…nitrile gloves, one pair each in sizes small, medium, & large.
•Heavy-Duty Emergency Shears…real trauma shears just like those used by medical professionals to cut away clothing.
•Medical Prep Razor...the same tool used in hospitals and ambulances for patient prep. Consumer twin blade disposable razors weren't designed for rescues in the field so we don't use them. Our prep razor is ideal. 
•Absorbent Dry Towel…an enormous 10 X 13 inch towel to dry your patient or use as an extra dry wipe. 
•Antiseptic Towelette…a high-quality, brand name antiseptic wipe, not just alcohol pads as found elsewhere. 
•Equipment Towelette…to clean and disinfect your AED or other equipment.
•Two Biohazard Bags…to help you dispose of everything properly.
•Quick Reference Guides...One each for "CPR" and "AED Use" guidelines.
•4x4 Gauze clear and dry an area to assure proper electrode-to-skin contact.
•Pad & Pencil

Ensure your facility is compliant with the latest government regulations regarding the equipment to be stored with your AED. The AED Superstore RespondER® US Government CPR/AED Pack is the finest you'll find anywhere and has the tools you'll need to prep your patient for CPR and the application of an AED. 
Not made with natural rubber latex.
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