PRESTAN® Professional Series 2000 Adult Manikin (4-Pack) Dark Skin Tone

Part #: PP-AM-2000-4-DS
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PRESTAN® Professional Series 2000 Adult Manikin (4-Pack) Dark Skin Tone
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The new PRESTAN® Professional Series 2000 Adult Manikin comes with an Advanced Feedback feature that includes Rate, Depth, Recoil, Ventilation, and Hands-Off Time. These are provided via a Bluetooth® enabled PRESTAN CPR Feedback app available for both Apple iOS and Android devices. 

The same high-quality, realistic Professional Adult Manikins you've come to appreciate are now available with the advanced feedback indicators most desired by instructors to facilitate training students and to help build student confidence with real-time results.

In conjunction with PRESTAN’s traditional CPR Feedback light system, the Series 2000 manikins offer a unique, dual-purpose training solution that provides instructors with an option to train with either advanced or basic feedback. 

Fully compliant with current industry guidelines, including the most recent AHA Integrated Feedback Directive.

Alternate Part Number(s): PP-AM-2000-1-DS, PP-AM-2000-1-MS, PP-AM-2000-4-DS, PP-AM-2000-4-MS

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