LIFEPAK 15 Defibrillator - Professional Model

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LIFEPAK 15 Defibrillator - Professional Model
LIFEPAK 15 Defibrillator - Professional Model
  • LIFEPAK 15 Defibrillator - Professional Model

All LIFEPAK 15 Monitor Defibrillator Kits Include:
  • New LIFEPAK® 15 with Manual/AED Defibrillation
  • ADAPTIV™ Biphasic Waveform and External Pacing Option
  • 8.4" Color LCD Display
  • CPR Metronome
  • Three-Lead ECG Monitoring
  • Three-Lead ECG Cable (Non-12-Lead Units Only) 
  • Two QUIK-COMBO Edge Electrodes & Therapy Cable
  • 100mm Printer & Two Rolls of Printer Paper
  • Operating Instructions & In-Service DVD
  • Test Load
  • FREE Shipping
Please call if you’d like assistance choosing a LIFEPAK 15 configuration. Physio-Control offers a wide range of configurations to support the needs of any rescue environment.

Please note: LIFEPAK 15 batteries and case must be purchased separately.


Physio-Control defibrillators have set the standard for over 50 years. The LIFEPAK 15 raises that standard. The company’s five decades of work with EMS organizations has given Physio-Control the depth of knowledge to offer innovative solutions that really work. From that knowledge base comes the new LIFEPAK 15 monitor/defibrillator. It was designed with the latest clinical capabilities to provide the performance you need today and in the future, and it’s tough enough to continue to deliver in any condition you encounter when administering emergency care.
Life-Saving Technology

State-of-the-art monitoring: The LIFEPAK 15 is the first monitor/defibrillator that integrates non-invasive monitoring for carbon monoxide, SpO2, and methemoglobin (to detect chemical exposures and certain drugs), using Masimo® Rainbow® technology. Once you’ve acquired a pre-medication 12-lead ECG, you can let the LIFEPAK 15 monitor all 12 leads in the background, and it will alert you to any changes through the ST-Segment Trending feature. Temperature monitoring is also available on this unit.

Secure data sharing: With the web-based LIFENET® STEMI Management Solution, you can share critical patient data with multiple patient care teams and facilities throughout your region. The LIFEPAK 15 also features optional Bluetooth.
Escalating shocks: Physio-Control’s ADAPTIV biphasic technology on the LIFEPAK 15 gives you the option to escalate to 360J for difficult-to-defibrillate patients. 

Essential CPR support: The CPR Metronome uses audible prompts to guide the professional rescuer without distracting vocal commentary. 

Advanced battery: The latest lithium-ion battery technology gives the LIFEPAK 15 enough power to run for nearly six hours. The defibrillator’s two-battery system means you can charge one battery in the device while using the other. The batteries let you know when their usable life is coming to an end, at approximately two years of use. 

Upgradeable platform: With more processing power and speed, the LIFEPAK 15 was designed to adapt to changing protocols and new guidelines. As standards change, the platform can be upgraded, which prevents expensive, premature replacement of the device.
Rugged Exterior
The LIFEPAK 15 isn’t just loaded with advanced technology, it was also engineered to perform in the real world. LIFEPAK TOUGH™ means this ALS defibrillator can save lives beyond a hospital room: it will keep working even if it’s subjected to rough treatment. It easily passed the 30-inch drop test, which is equivalent to falling off a hospital bed or being dropped during a handoff. The IP44 rating means it will keep on working in steady rain, wind, or other wet, dirty environments. 

The exterior also features:
  • A sturdy, double-layer LCD screen that can sustain impact 
  • Redesigned cable connectors
  • Larger SPEED DIAL for easy selection
  • Easy-to-clean keyboard
  • A bigger ergonomic, shock-absorbing handle for easier handoffs

The large, crisp, 8.4-inch full-color screen provides viewability from any angle and in any lighting. Switch to the high-contrast SunVue mode with one touch for visibility even when the screen has a glare.
Reliable Support
Physio-Control’s service team operates 24/7 in North America. The LIFEPAK 15’s self-checking feature alerts the service team if it ever detects a problem that needs attention, so you know it’s ready when you need it.

Please note: LIFEPAK 15 accessories are available at AED Superstore.

Alternate Part Number(s): 99577, 99577-, 99577-000001, 99577-000006, 99577-000033, 99577-000034, 99577-000035, 99577-000036, 99577-000037, 99577-000038, 99577-000039, 99577-000040, 99577-000041, 99577-000042, 99577-000043, 99577-000044, 99577-000045, 99577-000046, 99577-000047, 99577-000048, 99577-000049, 99577-000050, 99577-000051, 99577-000052, 99577-000054, 99577-000055, 99577-000056, 99577-000061, 99577-000063, 99577-000064, 99577-000068, 99577-000076, 99577-000077, 99577-000080, 99577-000081, 99577-000083, 99577-000085, 99577-000086, 99577-000087, 99577-000089, 99577-000091, 99577-000093, 99577-000095, 99577-000185, 99577-001239, 99577-001244, 99577-001248, 99577-001254, 99577-001256, 99577-001267, 99577-001368, 99577-001372, 99577-001373, 99577-001588, 99577-001930, 99577-001931, 99577-001932, 99577-001933, 99577-001934, 99577-001935, 99577-001936, 99577-001937, 99577-001938, 99577-001939, 99577-001941, 99577-001943, 99577-001944, 99577-001945, 99577-001946, 99577-001947, 99577-001948, 99577-001950, 99577-001951, 99577-001952, 99577-001953, 99577-001955, 99577-001956, 99577-001957, 99577-001958, 99577-001959, 99577-001960, 99577-001962, 99577-001963, 99577-001964, 99577-001966

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