Physio-Control Adult Electrode Pads with QUIK-COMBO (Leads-In)

Part #: 11996-000091 Our Price: $38.00

Physio-Control Adult Electrode Pads with QUIK-COMBO (Leads-In)

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(Formerly Medtronic, Inc.)

  • Overview
    Physio-Control Adult Electrode Pads with QUIK-COMBO connector. Unique Edge System(TM) technology results in even current distribution, helps reduce risk of skin burns. Perform ECG monitoring, noninvasive pacing, defibrillation, and synchronized cardioversion through one set of electrodes.
    Disposable QUIK-COMBO electrodes designed for a single patient application. Lead wire is 2 feet (0.6 m) long. Must be used with the QUIK-COMBO therapy cable designed for your device.
    Please note:  These electrodes have the lead wires inside the foil packaging and are unable to be "pre-connected" to the defibrillator during storage. Also, lead length is 24", not recommended for use in the field. For longer leads use 11996-000017 (42").
    For use with: LIFEPAK 12; LIFEPAK 15; LIFEPAK 20

    Alternate Part Number(s): 3010188-011

  • Customer Reviews
    quick improvement As I have worked in critical care for over 10 years to include emergency situations and critical cases. I would like to suggested either manufacturing a colored plastic (instead of clear) to the backing or identification to eliminate injuries. When pads are applied during emergent situations the clear plastic inevitably lands on the floor and then becomes a hazard to all emergency personnel. Reviewed by: Karen from Farmington, CT on
    Operating Room Supervisor Excellent product. Will continue to use. Reviewed by: Stephen from Knoxville, Tennessee on
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