Philips FR2+ Rechargeable Battery Charging Unit Discontinued!!

Part #: M3849A
This Battery Charger has been discontinued.
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Philips FR2+ Rechargeable Battery Charging Unit  <font color=red>Discontinued!!</font>
Philips FR2+ Rechargeable Battery Charging Unit Discontinued!!

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Please note: This item is no longer available.

This is the Battery Charger and Conditioner for the Philips HeartStart FR2+ Rechargeable Battery. It is designed for use only with Philips' model M3848A battery pack which fits into Philips HeartStart M3860A and M3861A and Laerdal HeartStart M3840A and M3841A FR2+ AEDs. The battery pack is not included with the charger, but is available separately for purchase. 110/120 VAC. Adapter may be required for non-US electrical services.

Instructions for Use

  1. First connect the power cable to the charger and plug the power cable in to a working AC outlet. The green LED located above the "On/Off" symbol on the charger will light.
  2. Plug the interface cable into the port on top of the rechargeable battery.
  3. Look at the battery status indicator LED above the battery symbol on the charger. A solid yellow LED indicates the battery is being fast-charged; a flashing LED means the battery is being conditioned; a green LED indicates battery charging is complete.
  4. A full charge takes no longer than 3 hours to complete. The battery should be charged to full capacity before being put back into use. When charging is complete, disconnect the battery from the charger and the charger from the AC power.

Always refer to the charger's or battery's Operator's Manual for complete instructions.

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