Philips FR2/FR2+ Data Card and Tray

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Philips FR2/FR2+ Data Card and Tray

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    Often it's beneficial for the patient if you can retrieve data from an AED that was just used in a rescue.The Emergency Room Physicianmay find useful such information as the patient's ECG during the entire event, the number of shocks administered, and when CPR was started among other things. The only way to retrieve this data is through the use of a Philips HeartStart FR2+ AED Data Card and Tray.

    The Philips HeartStart FR2+ AED does show a patient summary on its LCD screen after an event, but it doesn't include the features above that are so helpful to the patient and doctor.

    The Philips Data Card and Tray will hold up to 8 hours of incident and ECG information, or one hour with voice recording (yes, the Philips Heartstart FR2+ AED can be configured to record audio during the event!)You retrieve thedatathrough software that's free from Philips (which you can downloadby clicking here) anda Data Card Reader available separately. To use data from the Philips Data Card, it must be inserted into the FR2+ AED before the device is turned on.

    Data Card Installation Procedure

    1. Make certain the Data Card and Tray is clean and dry, especially on the side of the card where the AED's pins connect.
    2. Insert the Data Card into it's yellow plastic Tray with the Tray's rubber tongue fitting over the similar yellow area on the card. Make sure the card's label is facing up with the arrow facing the right direction.
    3. Make certain the Philips FR2+ AED is either off, or that the battery has been removed.
    4. Use the handle to hold the Tray containing the card and gently insert it into the Data Card port on the right side of the FR2+. Never force the Data Card into the slot. If the Tray seems hard to insert, remove it, make sure everything is positioned correctly as described above, and try again.

    The Data Card will automatically record incident data the next time you turn on your Philips HeartStart FR2+ AED.

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