Philips FR2/FR2+ AHA G2005/G2010 Reconfiguration Kit - for older model AEDs

Part #: AMPFR2v1. Our Price: $39.95

Philips FR2/FR2+ AHA G2005/G2010 Reconfiguration Kit - for older model AEDs

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Use this card to reconfigure your Philips FR2 or FR2+ to the AHA 2005/2010 Guidelines!
  • Overview
    The AED Superstore® is now shipping the FR2/FR2+ AED Reconfiguration Kit, which allows you to make the Philips FR2/FR2+ AED compliant with the AHA 2005/2010 Guidelines!

    This Reconfiguration Kit is available in two versions: one for AEDs purchased in 2006, and one for AEDs purchased before 2006. To determine which kit you will need, check the serial number of your device.

    The third and fourth digits of the serial number signify the manufacturing year. If these digits are "06", your device was manufactured in 2006 and you will need the v1.6 kit. If these digits are "05" or lower, you will need the v1.5 kit.

    The Philips FR2/FR2+ Reconfiguration Card Kit can reconfigure multiple FR2/FR2+ AEDs and includes the following items:

    • Philips FR2/FR2+ Reconfiguration Card
    • Reconfiguration Instructions

    Data card tray required (not included).

  • Customer Reviews
    As advertised This kit reconfigured our old FR2's in about a second and a half. It doesn't update the software, but updates the settings to the AHA standards. You don't need the yellow battery or anything else, just this card. Reviewed by: Marv from Florida on
    AED Program update This reasonably priced update kit saved us a bunch of money on reconfiguring our older model Philips FR2 + AEDs. Directions were easy to follow, even for a person without prior experience. Reviewed by: rtcowgirl from Medical Springs OR on
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