AMBU Intubation Trainer from Nasco

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AMBU Intubation Trainer from Nasco
AMBU Intubation Trainer from Nasco
  • AMBU Intubation Trainer from Nasco

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AMBU® Intubation Trainer from Nasco provides accurate simulation of mouth, nostrils, teeth, tongue, pharynx, epiglottis, vocal cords, trachea, esophagus, and lungs. Realistic lifting and tilting of head and movement of the spine. Open left side of the face allows supervision over trainee's techniques. Transparent walls of pharynx and trachea permit instructor to follow the progress of endotracheal tube.

  • Acoustic signals help trainee correct mistakes
  • All intubation techniques
  • Active supervision of student's performance
  • Anatomic correct design
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Suitable for size 3 and 4 laryngeal masks
  • Foam pillow to support head for optimal approach position
  • Jaw thrust procedures
  • Teeth and stomach alarm
  • 2 drawers for accessories
  • Lightweight aluminum base
Comes with access tray, lubricant, and carry case.

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