Nasco Ready-or-Not Tot Basic - White (5 Pack)

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Nasco Ready-or-Not Tot Basic - White (5 Pack)

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Trainer for effective parenting
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    This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. For replacement see the Nasco Baby Care Kit.

    Basic Ready-or-Not Tot - White, 5-Pack

    Better than an “egg baby,” “flour sack baby,” or “plant baby.” Cries at preselected intervals around the clock. The student will press a button to quiet the manikin for a 10-minute tending time. When tending is completed, the manikin will cry and the student will again push the button to put manikin to sleep. Teaches students the demands of parenting as well as proper baby handling and care. Lifelike, newborn-sized, 20" (50 cm) long, soft vinyl body with movable head. Non-sexed.

    Used to teach many parenting concepts:
    • How do you quiet and comfort a real baby?
    • How should a baby be held, diapered, fed, burped, and more?
    • A baby’s needs can be costly.
    • What does it take to be a good parent?
    • Babies cry for many reasons; they require constant care and attention.
    • A baby means lifestyle changes, which can cause loneliness, isolation, and loss of friends.
    • Day care and babysitting are a normal part of parenting, but not always available or affordable.
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