Nasco Clinical Chloe Advanced Patient Care Simulator w/Ostomy

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Nasco Clinical Chloe Advanced Patient Care Simulator w/Ostomy
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Clinical Chloe Advanced Patient Care Simulator w/Ostomy by Nasco. Do you need a sophisticated simulator for training in clinical nursing procedures? Clinical Chloe offers a variety of exercises that may be performed. Anything from simple bandaging and general patient care to breast palpation, catheterization, ostomy management, injection training, and cervical examination.
Features include:
• Bends 30° at waist
• Detachable at the waist for ease of storage
• Ear canal for otic drops and irrigation
• Enema administration
• Gastrostomy opening
• Inside bags can be filled with fluid
• Interchangeable male and female breasts (left female breast contains malignancy)
• Interchangeable male organ
• Instruction manual
• Jointed elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles
• Male and female catheterization
• Movable jaw with removable upper and lower dentures
• Neck brace
• NG and otic exercises
• Realistic eyes in eye sockets for ophthalmic exercises
• Removable internal tanks
• Sculpted stomas for transverse colostomy, ileostomy, and suprapubic stoma, each connected to an internal, removable tank
• Soft, lifelike facial skin
• Two spare bladder tanks
• Tracheotomy opening
• Vaginal douching and pap smear exercises with realistic vagina and cervix
• Wig for hair care exercises and surgical draping
• 360° intramuscular and subcutaneous injection site in upper arms
• Intramuscular injection system in buttocks

This manikin is available in a variety of skin tones. Please select your desired skin tone by using the drop-down window above.

Alternate Part Number(s): SB20144U, SB20144(M)U, SB20144(D)U

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