Nasco Noelle® Maternal & Neonatal Birthing Simulator

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Nasco Noelle® Maternal & Neonatal Birthing Simulator

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This item has been discontinued. Please call 800-544-0048 for further information.
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    Please note: This item has been discontinued. Please contact us for further information and alternate products which may suit your needs.

    NOELLE® Maternal and Neonatal Birthing Simulator by Nasco. This is THE comprehensive package of simulator technology, scenario-based training, and performance measurement and debriefing tools. All of this has been designed to build the skills and competencies needed to help manage OB emergencies.

    Noelle is perfect for smaller institutions to conduct team training for high risk, low volume emergencies with the Foundation Scenarios included. Noelle is also ideal for large institutions and simulation centers which require a high fidelity simulation package. This is a full-size maternal and neonatal birthing simulator that offers a precision delivery system for repeatable rapid deliveries, as well as for those deliveries that may extend for hours.

    Noelle also comes with a full-term, intubatable newborn complete with pulses and cyanosis. The complete package includes a 23" touchscreen monitor that communicates wirelessly to a laptop with Micro recording and debriefing system. Displays up to eight values, including HR, ABP, RR, CO2, SpO2, temperature, NIBP, and time. The real time capture of video, audio, log file, and patient monitor feeds enables high-quality post simulation debriefing. One year warranty.

    • Build team and technical competencies
    • Fetal heart tones and neonatal vital signs monitor
    • Full size NOELLE® maternal and neonatal birthing simulator with eclampsia and hemorrhage capabilities
    • Maternal vital signs monitor
    • Prepare for OB emergencies; evaluate and report on training and clinical outcomes
    • Set up and run OB emergency simulations for normal birth, shoulder dystocia, postpartum hemorrhage, eclampsia, umbilical cord prolapse, breech vaginal delivery, operative vaginal delivery, neonatal resuscitation
    • Small footprint and mobile platform allows training on L&D and Postpartum units

    Newborn with Cyanosis and Pulses:
    • Chest compressions and ventilations are measured and logged
    • Full term intubatable newborn with cyanosis and umbilical pulse
    • Realistic heart and lung sounds
    • Realistic crying

    NOELLE® Simulator Features:
    • Bilateral radial pulses
    • Birthing fetus with placentas and umbilical cords
    • Force, torque and fetal shoulder position measured and graphed in real time
    • Intubatable airway with chest rise
    • IV arms for meds/fluids
    • Maternal speech
    • Precision delivery system
    • Programmable eclampsia with seizures
    • Programmable postpartum hemorrhage
    • Removable stomach cover

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