3B Scientific Anatomical Chart Set

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3B Scientific Anatomical Chart Set

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Complete set of 9 posters.
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    3B Scientific Anatomical Chart Set from Nasco. Complete set of 9 posters which are positively true to detail and frequently updated, with regard to the range of topics covered and the depth of the medical data they contain. 3B Scientific® charts are essential aids for study, training, teaching, and patient education. Set of 9 includes one each of the following: Human Musculature, Human Skeleton, The Respiratory System, The Vascular System, Clinically Important Blood Vessels and Nerve Pathways, The Gastrointestinal System, Lymphatic System, Nervous System, and Spinal Nerves.

    Classic Laminated 20" x 26" Posters
    Printed on high quality 200 g glossy paper

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