AED Microkit by Microtek Medical

Part #: 78-720
First Responder AED Kit in a Zippered Nylon Pouch
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AED Microkit by Microtek Medical

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The AED MICROKIT enables the First Responder to perform CPR safely and effectively. The kit's components increase the level of protection, and allows the rescuer to efficiently dispose of all the components easily and properly.
Kit Includes:

• 1 CPR Microshield-Plus
• 1 Pair of Nitrile Gloves
• 1 Eye Splash Guard
• 2 Antimicrobial Wipes
• 1 Biohazard Bag
• 1 Absorbent Towel
• 1 Prep Razor
• 1 Clothing Shears
• 1 Zippered Nylon Pouch

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