Life/form Articulating Legs w/Intraosseous Infusion

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Life/form Articulating Legs w/Intraosseous Infusion
Life/form Articulating Legs w/Intraosseous Infusion

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Life/form® Articulating Legs w/Intraosseous Infusion

Designed to easliy attach to the Life/form® Adult CRiSis™, CPARLENE®, “Airway Larry,” or Adult Airway Management torsos or manikins. These articulating legs can be used to enhance training of intraosseous infusion procedures which use B.I.G.™and EZ-IO™ devices or nearly any other intraosseous infusion devices. The legs provide realistic resistance as the needle enters the bone.

The legs are fluid capable, and a blood source is accessible through the injection site. Features include palpable landmarks, replaceable bones and skin, and a pressurized system to allow aspiration of fluids. Includes 10 replaceable simulated bones, four replaceable skin pads, shorts, simulated blood, lubricating jelly, towels, I/O needle, and syringe with tubing. Five-year warranty.

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