Life/form® Adult IV Foot

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Life/form® Adult IV Foot
Life/form® Adult IV Foot

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The Life/form® Adult IV Foot has been developed for instructors to educate students in the techniques and skills of starting an IV in emergency situations. When circumstances arise where the vascular system of the upper extremities is inaccessible, the veins of the foot or lower leg can be used to gain access. The foot comes mounted on a sturdy stand, where it can be extended and easily rotated. The long saphenous vein, short saphenous vein, and dorsal venous arch can be palpated. When the vein is located and the needle is inserted, blood may be withdrawn or fluid infused. The realistic skin and veins are completely replaceable. The Life/form® Adult IV Foot includes a 3 cc syringe with needle, 12 cc syringe with needle, 22-gauge needle, small white towels, infusion butterfly set, IV bags with clamps, lubricant, foot stand, foam foot support, simulated blood, and instruction manual. Fluid supply stand not included. Five-year warranty.
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