Life/form Simulated Venous Blood

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Life/form Simulated Venous Blood
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Life/form® Simulated Venous Blood. Not the same viscosity as real blood, but provides a sense of realism in training activities. For use with Life/form® Advanced Venipuncture and Injection Arm (LF01121U, LF01126U); Life/form® Venipuncture and Injection Demonstration Arm (LF01131U, LF01132U); Deluxe IV Training Arm (SB34486U); Venipuncture Training Arm (SB23498U); Life/form® Pediatric Arm (LF00958U); Life/form® Pediatric Head (LF00999U); Life/form® Central Venous Cannulation Simulator (LF01087U); Heart Catherization Simulator for Total Parenteral Nutrition and Central Venous Catheterization (LF01012U); and Life/form® First Aid Arm (LF01005U).

Available in quart or gallon sizes. Select desired size from the dropdown window above.

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