Life/form Portable IV Hand

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Life/form Portable IV Hand
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Begin training and practicing your IV skills with the Life/form® Portable IV Hand. This self-contained trainer comes packaged in a plastic case which also doubles as a workstation. Constructed of soft material with lifelike veins in the skin surface that are visible and palpable. Veins are accessible at the antecubital fossa, along the forearm, the back of the hand, and thumb veins, allowing the student to practice venipuncture at any of these common sites. ?The skin rolls as you palpate the veins and the characteristic pop can be felt as the needle penetrates the vein. You can also teach venipuncture techniques, including starting IVs and introducing over-the-needle IV catheters.

Features include:
  • Realistic flashback
  • Two IV bags 
  • A packet of blood powder and spoon 
  • Plastic fluid supply stand
  • 2 pinch clamps
  • 3 cc syringe
  • 12 cc syringe
  • 12-gauge needle
  • Winged infusion set
  • Plastic clamshell storage case
  • 5-year warranty
This trainer is available in a variety of skin tones. Please select your desired skin tone by using the drop-down window above.

Please note: Skin and veins are not replaceable.

Alternate Part Number(s): LF00700U, LF00703U, LF00715U

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