Life/form Buddy Classroom Pack

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5 Adult/Child & 5 Infant manikins in a convenient, economical package
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Life/form Buddy Classroom Pack
Life/form Buddy Classroom Pack
  • Life/form Buddy Classroom Pack

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Life/form® Buddy Classroom Pack. Basic Buddy® and Baby Buddy™ CPR Manikins are inexpensive, and state-of-the-art manikins designed for teaching life-saving CPR to individuals or large groups. These manikins are an affordable, realistic way to provide each student with their own personal CPR manikin. The one-piece, disposable lung/mouth system makes these manikins thoroughly sanitary - eliminating the risk of cross contamination with no need to sanitize the manikins after every use.

The student can open the airway using the head tilt/chin lift maneuver, and there will be a visible chest rise when properly ventilated. The xiphoid process is well-defined and provides an anatomical reference point for hand placement and compressions. The Basic Buddy® features adult and child capabilities. They are simple to assemble and give years of trouble-free maintenance. Rugged carrying bags make transporting Basic Buddy® and Baby Buddy™ manikins easy and convenient (manikins will fit into bags fully assembled). Each Buddy Classroom Pack includes five adult/child and five infant manikins, 50 adult/child and five infant lung/mouth protection bags, 10 lung insertion tools, carrying cases, and two instruction manuals. Five-year warranty. Not made with natural rubber latex, and conforms with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

Basic Buddy® CPR Manikin Features:
• Adult and child capabilities
• No messy cleanup
• Lightweight and portable
• Economical - each student can have their own manikin
• Totally sanitary, one-piece lung/mouth protection system
• Realistic chest rise
• Unique airway system opens and closes with proper technique
• Simple to use
• Tough and durable
• Rebreathing airway
• Anatomically correct with palpable landmarks

Baby Buddy™ CPR Manikin Features:
• Full-body infant manikin with proper landmarks to realistically practice CPR techniques
• Sanitary one-piece lung/mouth protection system
• Economical - each student can have their own manikin
• Low-cost disposable lung/mouth bags - no messy cleanup
• Lung/mouth bag installs easily (tool included)
• Removable chest for easy lung/mouth bag installation
• Visible chest rise when ventilated
• Lightweight and easily transported
• Rugged carrying bags included
• 5 Baby Buddies™ easily fit in carry bag

Note: When using foam-bodied manikins for AED training, use only training electrode pads specifically designed for foam bodies.

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