AED Leasing

AED Leasing
Leasing your AEDs from
AED Superstore is the right choice!

When you lease your AEDs from AED Superstore, you're teamed with the direct funding source and NOT just a lease broker. You get personalized service without hidden commissions and real answers to your financing questions. Plus, in most instances you'll get qualified approvals in just hours. Leases are available for amounts from just $2000 to hundreds of thousands! Why lease?
  • Preserve your working capital
  • Take advantages of possible Section 179 Federal tax deductions and standard depreciations
  • Bank credit lines are NOT affected
  • Make monthly payments with no down payment
  • No prepayment penalties
  • It's quick and easy
Here's how to lease your AEDs from us! To get pre-approved, print this application, fill it in, and fax it to 262-361-3837. Once you're approved, call AED Superstore, place your order, and tell us you'll be leasing. We do the rest! Leases offered through our partnership with Advantage Leasing Company... a member of the Better Business Bureau Reliability Program.
Do you have leasing questions? Call Advantage Leasing direct at
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