Laerdal Ultimate Hurt Trauma Manikin

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Laerdal Ultimate Hurt Trauma Manikin

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The multi-function manikin for rescue, extrication, and trauma care
  • Overview
    This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please see Crash Kelly for an alternative.

    The Ultimate Hurt is a superior trauma and extrication manikin with three interchangeable heads: standard and trauma intubation heads, and Mr. Hurt Head. Ultimate Hurt also comes with a wide range of trauma wound modules to enhance various simulations.
    • Mr. Hurt Head facilitates facial and cranial trauma assessment and management including an open depressed skull fracture, deviated trach, bilateral mandible fractures and fracture of the C6 vertebrae
    • Standard intubation head allows for airway management by manual maneuvers and various airway devices
    • Trauma intubation head has an impaled object in the cheek, avulsed ear, unequal pupils, broken teeth and multiple lacerations
    • Interchangeable bullet wound chest module
    • Full-body manikin can be used for extrication and triage exercises
    • Realistic articulation for application of cervical collars, splints and traction, or application to a spineboard
    • Complete trauma module set to add realism to training scenarios

    Ultimate Hurt includes:

    • Manikin, Heads (3)
    • Wound Set
    • Manikin Lubricant
    • Jacket
    • Pants
    • Carry Case
    • Directions for Use.


    Please note: This product ships directly from the manufacturer. Please call for delivery times.

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