Laerdal Trainer In-Service Home Care Training Simulator

Part #: 375-20001
Designed for practicing urologic and rectal access gastrointestinal care procedures.
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Laerdal Trainer In-Service Home Care Training Simulator
Laerdal Trainer In-Service Home Care Training Simulator

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In-Service Home Care Training Simulator by Laerdal Medical.
  • Realistic articulation enables proper positioning for procedures
  • Interchangeable genitalia, with connectors and colon reservoir, facilitate enema administration using fluid for realistic return
  • Genitalia with connectors and urinary reservoir, facilitate urologic procedures
    • Perineal care
    • Insertion of vaginal medications
    • Indwelling catheter insertion, care, irrigation and removal
    • Surgical bellyplate with interchangeable stoma sites allows simulation of cystostomy tube care and urinary diversion stoma care
  • Interchangeable wound care modules add realism
    • Gluteal and ventral-gluteal ulcer modules for pressure ulcer staging, cleaning, dressing and prevention
    • Thigh module for wound irrigation and packing procedures
    • Thigh module for mechanical debridement including excision of nectrotic tissue and irrigation
  • Ventrogluteal, gluteal and bilateral thigh IM injections possible
  • Adult Male Pelvis with upper thighs
  • Male and female genitalia
  • 6 connectors
  • 2 decubitus ulcer modules
  • 2 thigh wound modules
  • Carry case

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