Laerdal's Resusci Anne® QCPR Upgrade Kit

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Laerdal's Resusci Anne® QCPR Upgrade Kit
Laerdal's Resusci Anne® QCPR Upgrade Kit
  • Laerdal's Resusci Anne® QCPR Upgrade Kit

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Laerdal's Resusci Anne® QCPR Upgrade Kit allows Resusci Anne users to easily update their manikin with new technology, features, a rechargeable battery, and more.

The new electronics will improve feedback device connectivity via Bluetooth Low Energy and will allow for the use of Laerdal's QCPR apps for smartphones and tablets.

The Resusci Anne QCPR Upgrade Kit includes new electronics that feature Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and a rechargeable battery, which comes standard with new Resusci Anne QCPR manikins. The kit also includes required cables, a new chest skin, and new clothes.

Electricals with Li-Ion battery, Chest Assembly QCPR, Resusci Anne Jacket, Face skin, Airway Resusci Anne, Cable - Cable for AC power adapter USB-A to USB-C, AC Power Adapter, QCPR Armband, QCPR sticker, Screwdriver, IPI, User Guide Resusci Anne, Installation Guide

Please note:
All Resusci Anne QCPR and Resusci Anne First Aid manikins manufactured between 2013 and 2018 can be upgraded. Older Resusci Anne manikins do not have a design that fit with the upgrade kits. Resusci Anne manikins manufactured after 2018 already have the upgrade.

Alternate Part Number(s): 173-50570

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