Laerdal Mini Anne Plus 10-Pack

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Laerdal Mini Anne Plus 10-Pack
Laerdal Mini Anne Plus 10-Pack
  • Laerdal Mini Anne Plus 10-Pack

The Mini Anne® Plus 10 Pack is designed to increase efficiency while maintaining quality CPR education. These improved reusable manikins are available in a class set making Mini Anne Plus the ideal classroom solution for CPR training.

Mini Anne Plus is a cost-effective solution for teaching quality CPR using durable and reusable manikins. Ten individual manikins are included in each set which increases student hands-on time during training. The Mini Anne Plus features an innovative new pump bag to provide a simple, hygienic inflation method. Mini Anne Plus includes everything to get your CPR program up and running in one convenient bag.

  • Reusable set of 10 Mini Anne manikins
  • Easy-to-use pump bag for hygenic inflation
  • Guidelines compliant clicker setting
  • Soft clicker setting encourages new learners
  • Carry bag including pump bag and kneel mats for each student
  • Quick preparation and clean up
Includes 10 Mini Anne Plus Manikins, 10 kneel mats, 10 pump bags, carry bag, 2 mesh collection bags, 10 face masks, 50 manikin wipes, 50 airways.

Alternate Part Number(s): 106-00150, 106-00250

3 have deflated at seam during classes
I am extremely disappointed in these manikins. I loved that I could easily carry around 10 manikins for classes. However, after using them LESS than 12 times total (and still under warranty so I am trying to get this handled by warranty) 3 of my manikins have now had seam separations (each in a different spot) that have deflated the manikins during compressions. It is very embarrassing to have basically brand new equipment malfunction during classes. None of them were over inflated, and now 3 out of 10 have had this happen.
Reviewed by:  Karri from Peoria, AZ on 10/16/2018

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