Laerdal Baby Umbi Trainer

Part #: 250-00501
Neonatal umbilical cord catheterization
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Laerdal Baby Umbi Trainer
Laerdal Baby Umbi Trainer
  • Laerdal Baby Umbi Trainer

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Baby Umbi Trainer by Laerdal Medical. Female newborn infant reproduction designed for the practice of umbilical catheterization.

  • Retractable umbilical cord for actual catheterization
  • Two arteries and vein molded into umbilical cord facilitate:
    • Low UAC
    • High UAC
    • Umbilical Vein Catheter
  • Securing and dressing procedures may be practiced
  • Baby Umbi Trainer
  • Umbilical Cord Set (3)
  • Blood Concentrate
  • Directions for Use

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