AHA 2010 Family & Friends CPR Anytime Kit, Dark Skin

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AHA 2010 Family & Friends CPR Anytime Kit, Dark Skin

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NOTE: This item features the AHA 2010 CPR Guidelines!
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    This item has been discontinued. Please use the AHA 2015 Adult/Child CPR Anytime kits for current material.

    Learn the core skills needed to perform CPR (AHA 2010) in the comfort of your home with this personal CPR manikin and skills kit from the American Heart Association. The 22-minute bilingual (English/Spanish) DVD emphasizes CPR skills with additional information on child CPR, choking, and AED use.
    Included in the kit is 1 Mini Anne CPR Training Manikin (light skin), 1 Spare Lung, Manikin Wipes, Directions for Use, CPR Skills Practice DVD, and 2 Pocket Reminder Cards: 1 Choking and Child CPR, 1 Adult CPR and AED Use, with "Hands-Only" CPR.
    While a great tool for the individual to learn CPR techniques, this product does not classify the individual as certified for CPR. A skills check by a registered CPR instructor will be required for CPR certification.

    Alternate Part Number(s): 80-1066, 80-1403, 80-1420, 80-1421

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