Laerdal AED Trainer

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Laerdal AED Trainer
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Elevate your CPR training experience with the Laerdal AED Trainer, which comes with a carrying case for easy transport. Adding AED Trainer devices can help deliver more efficient BLS, First Aid, and Community CPR programs. Use these realistic hand-held trainers on their own for AED training or add them into CPR scenarios using the QCPR app.

What's Included (1-pack):

  • (1) AED Trainer Unit
  • (1) AED Trainer Carry Case
  • (1) AED Trainer Pad
  • (4) AA Batteries
  • (1) “Training Only” labels
  • (1) Getting started Guide for AED Trainer

What's Included (3-pack):

  • (3) AED Trainer Units
  • (3) AED Trainer Carrying Cases
  • (3) AED Trainer Pads
  • (12) AA Batteries
  • (3) “Training Only” labels
  • (1) Getting started Guide for AED Trainer

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I connect the Laerdal AED Trainer to external devices or software for additional functionalities?
A. You can use the built-in control panel for standalone operation or enhance functionality by pairing it with the QCPR app. You can also pair it with a Laerdal QCPR manikin for a complete classroom solution, which is also accessible through the QCPR app.

Q. What common scenarios can you stimulate with the Laerdal AED Trainer?
A. The AED Trainer comes with 6 pre-set training scenarios for both adult/pediatric use. The most used scenarios are shockable rhythms, non-shockable rhythms, and poor pad connection.

Q. Are the pads on the Laerdal AED Trainer compatible with the Laerdal manikins?
A. Yes – You can use the LINK pads for automatic pad placement detection with LINK-enabled manikins.

Q. What customizable options come with the Laerdal AED Trainer?
A. You can make your AED Trainer resemble your business or home's real device with its customizable option to have pre-plugged or unplugged pads. The manufacturer recommends pre-plugged as most clinical AEDs use this setup. You also have the capability to use the QCPR app to have the metronome on or off to help with efficient timing. There is also an option to switch between fully automatic and semi-automatic, so students can practice how to use a device regardless of the option available to them in an emergency.

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