Laerdal MegaCode Trauma Modules Set

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Laerdal MegaCode Trauma Modules Set
Laerdal MegaCode Trauma Modules Set

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The Laerdal MegaCode Trauma Modules are designed to interchange with non-traumatic modules and are ideal for enhanced realism in emergency trauma management.

Modules included are:
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns – sleeve for right arm
  • Exposed viscera – abdominal lay-on
  • Impaled object – thigh
  • Open fracture – femur
  • Closed fracture – right leg tibia and fibula
  • Contused ankle and foot – left leg
  • Crushed foot – right foot with exposed bone and soft tissue
  • Amputation – the small toe of the right foot
  • Projectile wounds – small and large caliber entry and exit wounds
Designed to be used with:
  • SimMan®
  • ALS Simulator (Discontinued)
  • MegaCode Kelly™

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